The most common causes of lower back pain include congenital abnormalities, poor posture, a bad injury, nerve problems, and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Whatever the cause, lower back pain can greatly affect the quality of your life. The pain can make it hard to move around, and you may have to take time off work—all reasons why you should seek proper treatment as soon as possible.

Chiropractic care is a treatment option that's been proven safe and effective. Here is a look at three ways a chiropractor can help with your lower back pain.

1. Spinal/Manual Manipulation

The chiropractor will manually manipulate your spine using their hands and improve joint mobility in your lower back. These manipulations help to reduce muscle tightness and ease any irritation in the nerves in your lower back. 

Relaxing the muscles and easing away the tension effectively reduces lower back pain. The frequency of your visits and how soon you can expect results depends on the nature and severity of your lower back pain. Generally, you should be able to find relief and note a difference within a few weeks of starting the chiropractic care program.

2. Exercise Instructions

Physical activity and exercise are critical proactive recommendations to manage lower back pain. Your chiropractor can provide a list of range-of-motion exercises you can do at home. The chiropractor will also guide you on how to do each exercise safely and for the best results.

These exercises help to strengthen your back muscles and increase your flexibility. Stretching and strengthening these muscles not only helps reduce lower back pain but will also help prevent the recurrence of this pain.

3. Self-Care Recommendations

The chiropractor can help you ease your lower back pain and avoid the same in the future by evaluating what you do and recommending what you could be doing better. Focus areas include your physical activity levels, posture, and ergonomics.

If you spend a lot of time seated, the chiropractor may recommend getting a seat with better ergonomics. Again, the chiropractor may recommend being more active, as prolonged inactivity can make your back weaker and stiffer, which may lead to pain. If your work involves bending and lifting, the chiropractor will advise you on how to do both to avoid lower back pain.

Just for You

The chiropractor will combine manual manipulations, exercise instructions, and self-care recommendations for the best results in managing and eliminating your lower back pain. After assessing your condition and needs, the chiropractor will tailor the treatment plan. You can also expect a re-evaluation of your treatment program after some time for the best outcome. 

For more info about chiropractic treatment, contact a local company like Erb Family Wellness.