If your job or industry requires you to drive a company vehicle, your employer will need to ensure that you are medically fit for duty by having you participate in a DMV physical, also known as a "DOT physical" (short for "department of transportation"). This may not make a lot of sense at first, as most people don't need to be deemed safe to drive, but think about it from an employer's view. There are a variety of conditions which may make it unsafe for one to operate a vehicle professionally, and going through this simple physical helps to ensure safety for yourself, your company, and others out on the road.

You may be wondering what exactly this DMV physical will consist of, where you will be able to get one, and who will be responsible for paying for it. Rest assured that, while thorough, the DMV physical is fairly straight-forward and easy to get through. Regardless of where you go for the physical, the process is similar.

The DMV physical is a thorough process and requires you to bring along any medications you make be taking, hearing aids, and any corrective eyewear. If you have any existing health issues, such as diabetes or heart problems, you should bring along any medical records you have, and consider asking your primary physician to write you a letter stating your ability to drive safely. After providing the office with this initial information, you will then have your hearing, vision, blood pressure, and urine tested. Following these tests, the doctor will perform a general physical exam to ensure your ability to drive professionally and safely.

There are many different doctor's offices which perform the DMV physical/DOT physical. One popular choice is to visit a chiropractic office. Chiropractors are highly skilled doctors who believe in a whole body approach, and a vast majority of them are able to perform this physical. Additionally, some may find a chiropractic office to be a less intimidating, easier experience than visiting their primary doctor.

When it comes to who is responsible for payment, this will depend on your employer. While some employers may be willing to cover the cost for current employees, new employees may find that they are required to cover the cost as part of their on-boarding procedures. 

The DMV physical is a common requirement for many employees required to drive professionally. There is nothing to be concerned about, and it is a great opportunity to check up on your health and catch any potential issues early on. Contact your chiropractor today for more information.