If you've noticed that your chest area feels sore or perhaps even out of alignment, you may wish to seek the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractors can adjust your sternum, the vertical bone that sits in the center of your upper chest. A misaligned sternum may cause you discomfort when you move, sneeze, or a cough, and you may also notice a diminished range of motion in this area. A sternum that is out of alignment can occur for several reasons, but it's a comfort to know that relief can be just one or more chiropractic adjustments away. Here are three reasons that you might need a sternum adjustment.

Car Accident

One of the common reasons that people can suffer trauma to their sternum is because of being in a car accident. The injury, in this case, isn't necessarily the result of your chest making contact with something hard on the inside of the car. Rather, the way that your seatbelt restrains you during any type of collision can cause your torso to twist or bend in a manner that leads to an injury to your sternum. In some car accidents, this injury will be immediately apparent. However, in other cases, it may be a while before you notice.

Fall From A Horse

If you're a horse enthusiast, you may already have a good chiropractor who treats you. Falling off a horse can often lead to a back or shoulder injury, and provided that you don't have any broken bones that require emergency medical care, your chiropractor can get you feeling right away. A fall from a horse can also lead to a misaligned sternum. This can occur if you fall on your chest, but it may also take place if you fall on your shoulder — the transfer of energy from your shoulder through your ribs and to your sternum can create the injury.

Sports Injury

Football players can often suffer sternum injuries as a result of being tackled. Even though you wear shoulder pads that extend downward to cover your chest to some degree, the heavy impact of a tackle, especially if your opponent drives his helmet or shoulder into your sternum region, can result in this injury. If you happen to break your sternum playing football, don't overlook the value of seeing a chiropractor. While this professional cannot fix the break, he or she can ensure that it heals correctly through an adjustment.

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