If you've been struggling with knee pain and nothing seems to help, you should consider seeing a chiropractor. You might be surprised to learn a chiropractor can help your knee, but a chiropractor has many treatments to offer along with the spinal manipulations they are known for. Here are some of the treatments your chiropractor could recommend.

Pain Relieving Therapies

You might receive hot and cold therapy treatments that work together to reduce the amount of inflammation in your knee while increasing blood flow that enhances healing. This can lead to a reduction in the amount of pain you feel. The chiropractor may also give you ultrasound treatments that help with pain as well as instructions on how to treat your knee at home to speed healing along and reduce your pain level. You could even be given equipment to use at home, such as a TENS unit that stimulates your nerves to block the amount of pain you feel.

Treatments That Increase Your Range Of Motion

Even though your knee has pain, you need to keep it flexible so it doesn't become stiff from limited use. Your chiropractor may provide range of motion exercises that keep your joint flexible. You may even learn knee strengthening exercises that make your muscles stronger so your knee has better support when you walk. Massage can also help your knee by relaxing muscles that are knotted with tension and by working adhesions loose so your joint can move freely.

Chiropractic Treatments For Referred Pain

Spinal adjustments could help your knee pain in some instances. You may have an alignment issue that causes referred pain into your leg or knee. Another possibility is an alignment problem that causes you to put too much stress on your knee when you walk and this causes knee pain and prevents you from healing. Your chiropractor may be able to help with these problems by working on your back to bring your spine back into proper alignment.

You might feel pain relief as soon as you begin chiropractic care, but you'll probably need a series of treatments to get the best results since the tissues in your knee need time to heal. Your chiropractor may not be able to fully heal your knee as might happen with osteoarthritis, but the treatments may provide pain relief that allows you to resume your usual activities without having constant pain. If you're in pain and frustrated at your lack of progress in healing, then visit a chiropractor for an assessment of your situation to see if chiropractic treatments might help.