While old surfing songs may make wave riding sound simple, even many professional surfers have been forced into retirement by the awesome force of the ocean. However, you don't need to be riding a surf or boogie board to encounter a "wipe out" by a strong wave. 

You may simply be strolling a little bit too close to the shoreline as the tide rolls in and be knocked off your feet. This type of sudden violent impact can mimic the result of a car accident, with neck and/or back pain sending a victim to a clinic for chiropractic services.

Why is chiropractic treatment recommended for neck and back pain?

If pain is caused by a minor muscle strain, it will usually subside after a few days of rest and conservative treatment. However, a violent jerking movement can cause the vertebra of the neck and back to become misaligned. This can lead to pain not only at the injury sites but also in various other areas of the body, depending on the extent of the injury.

When the spinal vertebra are forced out of alignment, the fluid that surrounds and protects the spinal nerves can become disturbed, causing irritation to the nerves. The spinal nerves extend from the brain to the base of the spine and transmit impulses to all areas of the body. If these transmissions are disturbed, pain receptors can receive compromised impulses, and the victim can feel pain in diverse areas of the body.

For example, neck vertebra misalignment can result in blinding headaches, while irritation of the sciatic nerve, which connects to the spinal nerves at the base of the spine, can cause muscle spasms at various points in the lower body.

What services can a chiropractic clinic perform to repair the damage?

A chiropractor will perform an initial examination to determine if the spinal vertebra is in proper alignment. If physical damage to the vertebra is suspected, diagnostic scans may be advised. If not, the chiropractor will manually manipulate the vertebra until it's realigned.

Muscles may need to be stretched after a period of inactivity, because if the muscles that surround and support the vertebra have tightened while the vertebra was misaligned, they may pull the spinal vertebra back out of position. 

Treatment will often require multiple sessions at a chiropractic clinic, both for pain relief and to keep the vertebra aligned as healing proceeds. The patient may also receive stretching exercise to perform at home, as well as recommendations for general spinal health.

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