You might not immediately consider yourself to be an ideal candidate for chiropractic care, but you might change your mind if you take stock of how uncomfortable you feel after prolonged period of certain activities. If you feel extreme pain or even moderate discomfort after you've engaged in an activity for length of time, it could be because your spine or another part of your body is out of alignment. One or more adjustments from your local chiropractor, like those at Chiro-Med Health Center, can play a big difference in reducing your pain so that your engagement in these activities doesn't bother you any longer. Here are some activities during which you might experience pain.


Many people experience discomfort after extended periods of sitting. For example, you might be in pain if you've sat for much of the workday, or you might have to pull over every hour or so on a car trip to get out and stretch. Pain while sitting is possible for a number of different reasons, but it can often occur due to a misaligned spine. If your spine isn't in the right position, you may experience pain in any region of your back. You could even experience pain that radiates into different parts of your body, resulting in discomfort in your hips or neck or shoulders.


When you're standing for a long time, you might notice that you're sore for any number of reasons. For example, you might have pain in your back, but you could also experience discomfort in one or both of your knees. It's possible for a misaligned spine to result in discomfort in many areas of your body when you stand for a long time. If your spine is out of alignment to the point that your pelvis is tilted, there might be more pressure down one leg that affects one of your knees to the point that it's difficult to stand.

Lying Down

If you aren't able to lie down for several hours without pain, there can be several repercussions. For example, an inability to sleep in a restful way can disrupt your day significantly. Back pain can often be a factor in someone's struggles to get comfortable in bed, and this pain can be caused by a misaligned spine. For each of these issues, chiropractic care can be the answer. Adjustments will help to realign your spine and allowing you to engage in these activities without pain.