People go to see a massage therapist for a variety of reasons, from simply enjoying an opportunity for some quiet relaxation to actively seeking relief for sore muscles after an injury. Regardless of your reason for making your appointment, it's important to ensure that you behave in the appropriate manner. Massage therapy etiquette extends beyond arriving on time, turning off your smartphone, and not wearing scents if the clinic has a scent-free policy. To be respectful of your massage therapist and make sure that you're seen as a good client, here are some massage therapy personality types that you shouldn't let yourself fall into.

The Complainer

It's perfectly acceptable to carry on a conversation with your massage therapist, especially if you've been seeing the same person for several treatments and have started to build a rapport. What is unacceptable, however, is being a client who uses the massage session as an opportunity to complain about everything in his or her life. Remember, your massage therapist isn't a psychologist, and your session isn't about working through the things that irk you about your spouse or boss. Also, if your therapist is constantly listening to you, it could be challenging for him or her to notice your muscles' subtle reactions to the treatment that is being provided. For the good of everyone, leave your complaining at the door.

The Non-Washer

Don't be the type of person who doesn't wash in advance of your massage therapy appointment. While you shouldn't douse yourself with scented products before your appointment, you should also do your best to ensure that you smell clean. This is as simple as scrubbing yourself thoroughly in the shower the morning of your appointment and wearing clean clothing. Your massage therapist doesn't deserve to smell your feet, especially if you've requested a foot massage. If you have a problem with sweaty feet, consider keeping them dry — and hopefully scent-free — by powdering them before putting your socks on in the morning.

The Flirt

You might choose to disrobe completely before you get under the sheet on the massage therapist's table, but this isn't an excuse to act anything short of completely professional. It's true that a massage feels very pleasant and you might even sigh heavily or groan slightly as you relax. What's inappropriate, however, is flirting when the massage therapist is working on a sensitive area such as your glutes or inner thighs. Do not make inappropriate comments and abstain from making any noises that could make your massage therapist feel uncomfortable.