Two years ago, lower back pain was the leading cause of disability among people worldwide. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to relieve pain if you suffer from this issue. The following guide will help you prevent pain and help you relieve some of your pain when you do suffer from it. 

How to Prevent Stressing Your Back

To keep from dealing with back pain to begin with, follow these tips:

  • Learn to lift using your legs rather than your back
  • Try to turn with your feet before twisting your waist
  • Sleep in a bed that is hard enough to support your back
  • Do not stress your back by stretching at an unnatural angle, like stretching while twisting your waist

Remember to talk to your chiropractor, as he or she will have more ideas and suggestions to help you with your ailment.

A Few Simple Ways to Minimize or Ease the Pain

Consider some of the following pieces of information:

Yoga Might Make a Difference

A recent study noted that yoga makes a significant difference in the pain and mobility that you have in your lower back. The difference was noticed by the study participants after about 3 months, and the effects continued to improve from there.The active stretching involved in yoga might help your body strengthen itself, which could be the reason why yoga was effective for the people in the study who suffered from lower back pain. 

Eat More Anti-Inflammatory Foods

The pain that you are experiencing is based on a reaction that causes inflammation, so one thing that you can do is minimize the inflammation flare ups that your body experiences. You can do that by simply eating foods that have anti-inflammatory ingredients, like the following:

  • Eat more pineapples because they contain an enzyme called bromelain that helps minimize inflammation in your body.
  • Try your best to include berries, like blueberries, in your diet because they contain active ingredients that should also help control inflammation.
  • A study found that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish can help ease the pain you feel because it relieves you from inflammation as well.

Be sure to talk to your chiropractor about some of the aforementioned methods to minimize the pain that you are experiencing from time to time. Do not forget that these suggestions are meant to be helpful and not cure your lower back pain issues. They are also not a substitution for any directions given to you by your chiropractor. If you don't currently have a chiropractor, contact one like Wheatcroft David Dr.