Going to the chiropractor for the first time can be a scary experience. You may be worried that the procedure is going to hurt or feel concerned that your issues won't be addressed and you will leave the office still frustrated and in pain. Here are ways you can prepare for your first chiropractor appointment so you can enter the chiropractic clinic with ease.

Calling the office

When you first call to make your chiropractor appointment, you will want to have a list of your symptoms and how long you have been feeling them in hand. Your chiropractor will want to know in advance just what kind of pain or discomfort they are addressing. If you have sustained an injury that has led to your pain, such as whiplash from an accident or a fall, make sure you let the clinic know in your initial phone call. If you are currently taking pain medications, ask the office if it is OK to take your medication the day of your appointment.

Preparing for your appointment

Wear loose-fitting clothing and shoes that are easy to remove, since your chiropractor may have you remove your shoes so they can seek pressure points on your body to pinpoint your pain's causes. Loose-fitting clothing allows your chiropractor to more comfortably manipulate your muscles and joints and allows you to feel more comfortable while they are working on you as well.

Arriving for your appointment

Arrive early enough to your chiropractic clinic to fill out new patient paperwork. You will want to have your insurance card handy if you have one. Your paperwork will consist of your medical history, any medications you are currently taking, and a detailed list of your symptoms, activity level, and injuries you feel may be contributing to your pain. Allow yourself several minutes before your appointment to fill this information out.

Your initial consult

Your chiropractor will likely spend your first visit checking a few things on your body. They will want to test your muscle strength and tone. They will also want to test how well you can move the areas of your body that are in pain or discomfort. They will then be able to do the right kind of massage and manipulation of your muscles, bones, and joints to bring you greater comfort. Don't be surprised if it takes two or more sessions to achieve relief from your discomfort, especially if your pain has been caused by a recent injury.

Your chiropractor will help put your mind at ease when you arrive for your first consultation. Be prepared by wearing the right kind of clothing and shoes and arriving early enough to fill out paperwork and your first chiropractic visit can be a successful one.

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